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Top 4 Reasons for Starting a Glamping Business

1. Passion               

  • Of all the business ideas out there, why would you start with something you aren’t passionate about? When you hit the inevitable obstacles of running a business, having a genuine interest in what you do will keep you moving forward.
  • But how do you know if you’re actually passionate about something? The answer is: You test it out. In my case, I **thought** I was interested in hosting overnight guests for a long time. Every time I travelled somewhere, I imagined how I would run the places where we stayed. But, I didn’t actually know. Trust me – you definitely want to test this before you invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into a business, only to discover you don’t really enjoy it, after all. In my case, I started by hosting Couch Surfers for free. That was fun. Then, I rented my place on Airbnb whenever I was away. I learned a lot of skills doing that, and still liked it.  
  • Running small tests will give you a lot of insight about what works for you, and what doesn’t. And, what parts of the business you’re truly passionate about. It’ll also give you a sense for how much things cost, and how much you can make – Which will come in handy later when you’re writing your (dreaded) business plan. So, go for it. Be creative. Run some tests and see what you discover!


2. Financial Independence 

  • I don’t know about you, but I personally would love the freedom of not needing my 9-5 job. Although I enjoy my regular work, I’m not passionate about it, and I don’t get to make all the choices I would like. Having a separate income stream is meant to loosen those ties and eventually allow me to step away so I can focus only on what I love.
  • I’m also really conscious of having a finite amount of time on this planet. Do I want to spend a huge chunk of my life working for someone else, or do I want to have enough financial freedom to meet all of my needs without depending on a job? For me, the answer is easy. For others, there may be comfort in having the stability of a 9-5. You need to know what speaks to you. 


3. Living in Alignment With Values

  • When you build a business, you get to make all the choices. In our case, we wanted to ensure our business was environmentally sound from root to tip. We run an organic farm, and we wanted our glamping business to follow the same principles of land stewardship.
  • Some business owners will say: “But, it’s too expensive to cut out plastics, shop local, reinvest in community, etc!” But, YOU are building the business, so YOU have the power to resolve that. You really do. The answer is to design a business that has enough profit margin to absorb the costs of doing things your way. In our case, we made sure – at the outset – that we were designing an experience that would command a high enough price to cover all our expenses, plus a safety margin, plus a healthy profit. And, taking the time to find creative solutions when we weren’t comfortable with a decision point. 
  • Ensuring your business aligns with your personal values will help keep you motivated and feeling that you are doing good in the world.


4. Lifestyle 

  • Running a glamping business can be incredibly labour intensive, or it can be relatively hands-off. What lifestyle do you want?
  • Maybe you enjoy greeting people, cooking their meals, giving out tourism advice, cleaning their mess, doing their laundry and maintaining the property. Maybe you only like a few of those things, or… None of them! You can choose which things you want to do.
  • I really value my freedom, so I didn’t want to be completely tied down. We therefore created a hands-off business where as many unwanted tasks as possible are automated or outsourced. The benefit is that we can actually go on vacation and handle many things remotely. I plan to write a future post on what automating our glamping business looks like, but for now, I recommend thinking about the life you want to live after your business is up and running, and designing for that. 

Does this list resonate with you? What are your top reasons for starting a glamping business? Let me know in the comments.

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